Sunday, February 19, 2017

Second Verse, Same As The First

So, for the last month (?!), I've been doing more than a little bit of nalbinding. I haven't finished the gloves yet, but I've got a brimmed hat that I hope to get fulled into a nice felt.  I'm working on another round-top hat in Mammen, and I'll probably move from there to a few acorn hats in Oslo, plus maybe a scarf or two.

Outside, as the weather improves, I've got the "hot" parts of a propane forge built. It's not as pretty as I'd like, maybe, but it'll do.  I have the firebrick necessary for it--I just have to get a hole drilled in one of them for the flame--and I've got a plan in mind for a stand for the forge.  Then it's just saving pennies until I can get an anvil.  (I'm looking at a nice, 112-lb Cavalry; it's a bit shy of $500, but I can do that with a bit of time, and if I sell a few more bowls.)

I've refined my canteen technique, and have a pretty good one that just needs a pitch lining and a cork; lidded bowls are next on the hit parade (along with more refined needle cases).  And in my "copious free time" I've been whittling away at some spoons.  Note to self: don't let the apple-wood cure before you start carving; it's much tougher to work when dry.

We cleaned out a barn, and reclaimed maybe 150 board-feet of 4/4 oak planks (8" wide, by 10-15 feet long), as well as finding a few other wood goodies that I'll share later... I think these will make wonderful boxes; now I just need to increase my selection of planes.  Back to the Harbor Freight!  (I picked up a wire-feed welder last week; I've got to refine my technique, but it'll get there.)

And with warmer days and longer light, I can get more stuff done, the better to have more stuff to post!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Hello, and welcome to my new blog.  I'm Misha, and I'll be your host. 

I've been in the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, on-and-off since about 1991, and continuously since about 2000 or so; I've played in the West, Caid, An Tir, Aethelmearc, the East, Ansteorra, and Atlantia, where I currently reside. I've not ever fought heavy or rapier, despite some intention to early on.  Instead, I've focused primarily on the Arts and Sciences, which is the purpose of this blog.  I'm here to share a lot, brag a little, brainstorm quite a bit, and document--both my works, and the documentation itself.

What sorts of things do I work on?  Well, I'm a master Brewer (Kingdom Guildmaster Emeritus).  I'm a baker.  I'm a woodworker.  I'm an archer.  I do "string things"--nalbinding, tablet weaving, etc.  I'm a turner.  I'm a beekeeper.  I farm.  I work leather.  All this, and more.

As things progress, I hope to leave a running trail of my varied and various interests, and to entertain.  I hope you'll follow along!