Sunday, February 19, 2017

Second Verse, Same As The First

So, for the last month (?!), I've been doing more than a little bit of nalbinding. I haven't finished the gloves yet, but I've got a brimmed hat that I hope to get fulled into a nice felt.  I'm working on another round-top hat in Mammen, and I'll probably move from there to a few acorn hats in Oslo, plus maybe a scarf or two.

Outside, as the weather improves, I've got the "hot" parts of a propane forge built. It's not as pretty as I'd like, maybe, but it'll do.  I have the firebrick necessary for it--I just have to get a hole drilled in one of them for the flame--and I've got a plan in mind for a stand for the forge.  Then it's just saving pennies until I can get an anvil.  (I'm looking at a nice, 112-lb Cavalry; it's a bit shy of $500, but I can do that with a bit of time, and if I sell a few more bowls.)

I've refined my canteen technique, and have a pretty good one that just needs a pitch lining and a cork; lidded bowls are next on the hit parade (along with more refined needle cases).  And in my "copious free time" I've been whittling away at some spoons.  Note to self: don't let the apple-wood cure before you start carving; it's much tougher to work when dry.

We cleaned out a barn, and reclaimed maybe 150 board-feet of 4/4 oak planks (8" wide, by 10-15 feet long), as well as finding a few other wood goodies that I'll share later... I think these will make wonderful boxes; now I just need to increase my selection of planes.  Back to the Harbor Freight!  (I picked up a wire-feed welder last week; I've got to refine my technique, but it'll get there.)

And with warmer days and longer light, I can get more stuff done, the better to have more stuff to post!

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